Entra Desks

The Entra Furniture Range is the ultimate combination of comfort and versatility. With this desk range one can create the following with in your office environment.
Executive Desk Work Station – Executive Boardroom - 8 Seater Double Spine – 6 way Single Spine – 6 way Bench with Multi-storage Bench with Mobile-storage Call Centre and more. Please view the images that one can create and call Affordable office Solutions for expert advise in creating a modern office environment.

Evolution Boardroom

Ref: #7801

Evolution Exec

Ref: #7802

Evolution Manager

Ref: #7803

Evolution Meeting

Ref: #7804

Evolution Mobile

Ref: #7805

Evolution Multistorage

Ref: #7806

Evolution Tallboy

Ref: #7807

Flip Top Mobile Back

Ref: #7808

flip Top Mobile Conference

Ref: #7809

Fold Up Tables

Ref: #7810

Salon Modular Reception

Ref: #7811

Salon Modular Reception Front

Ref: #7812

Server Units

Ref: #7813

Student Set Up

Ref: #7814

Titan Exec Both

Ref: #7815

Wood Swatches

Please click into the link for your choice of wooden colours.
> Entrawood Wood Colour Choices